Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting in Pelham Alabama
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We specialize in investment quality window films, paint protection films, decorative films, and security laminates. That’s what we do, and we’re really good at it! We're willing to educate you on our film products without any pressure to buy them. Our process is simple and straightforward. Most importantly, it's focused on your realistic needs and our desire to make you 100% satisfied.


Our facility is clean, professional, and suitable for families and business professionals alike. We have a comfortable waiting area if you want to hang out why we work on your car.



We have a complete line of window films designed for specifically for your home. Our residential films are constructed to be safe for dual-pane glass, including low-e windows.


Whether it be to diminish harsh glare, block unwanted heat, or add a layer of security, we have a solution for you.


In addition to our solar films, we have an incredible line of decorative films, that can inexpensively change the look of your glass, offering privacy, optical effects, etc.



Is your waiting room too hot? Is there so much glare on your windows that it’s causing your employees or customers to squint and be uncomfortable? Privacy issues? Security needs?


There’s quite a few things you can do with our window film products to help your business. You probably already know that film can help with heat and glare, but here are some product options you might not be aware of:


Nanoparticle Clear Heat Reducing Film:


These films eliminate Infra-Red heat & UV Radiation, without changing the look of the glass. No additional reflectivity, no one will even know it’s there.


Ceramic Non-Reflective Films:


Ceramic films offer glare reduction and heat rejection, but have a flat “smoked” appearance, as opposed to a reflective look. These are great when you have to meet stringent association or landlord rules regarding glass changes


Safety & Security Films:


Our security line offers unparalleled protection from smash and grab theft, intrusion through glass, and graffiti issues as well. They come in both clear and tinted versions. Some of our most popular solar products come in security versions as well.