Clear Bra

Paint Protection

Wouldn’t it be great to keep a new car looking brand new?

It has happened to all of us. We buy a beautiful car with a great paint job, drive behind another vehicle that’s kicking out rocks and other debris that ultimately chips the the front end of your car.


There goes that new car look.


Invest in clear bra paint protection. We can configure it to almost any coverage options you like, and it will protect your investment for years to come. Protection from stone chips, insect acids, and almost all other debris encountered driving on our roads.


The film has imbedded UV inhibitors to resist cracking and color change. Installs clear, stays clear. It requires almost no maintenance, and unlike leather bras, it doesn’t need to be removed and installed. Additionally, it doesn’t weather like a traditional leather bra options from the past. Custom Cuts all done by Hand.


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